And in particular we present two fun ways to get there!
Cherrytos&Go are


of pure fiber and fun vitamins to control that bad monster you’re carrying inside.

They fly non-stop and say that they're Cherrytos who've gone on to a better life. Poor things!


Beings from the Evil Kingdom, they're Malo's spies that stay loyal to him for some reason that one day they will reveal.


Archenemy and the Cherrytos main scourge. He'd give his life, What the heck! His soul to try one at some point in his life.


Gullible by nature and when he gets really nervous rainbows come out of his eyes, lethal to anyone who may cross his path.


Sweetboy’s pet, he doesn't speak, or whine, or think, he just floats. Even in fire, lava, or over geese feathers.


He's the typical nerd who passed them. He has a special power: he knows everything by just closing his eyes and thinking about it.

Mr. Pepo

Back in the day, he was the Lord of Cherrytos Kingdom. Now he takes on many adventures, even the most risky, to get his honor back. He's crazy.



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